為了支持香港以至華語電影新一代電影人,HAF推行「電影培訓計劃」(Film Lab)。踏入第五屆,Film Lab活動內容繼續以講座形式為主,輔以一對一咨詢,幫助年輕電影人培養從劇本寫作、電影製作及後期製作等方面的專業知識與技能,進一步提升他們對行業的了解及其電影計劃的吸引力,Film Lab由即日起開放報名至6月14日,費用全免

In order to support emerging Hong Kong and Chinese-language filmmakers in the region, Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) arranges a training programme Film Lab. This year comes to the 5th edition of Film Lab, whi
ch continues to provide lectures on topics such as script development, production and post-production, etc. to young filmmakers. Selected teams can also enjoy one-on-one consultation sessions with industry experts. Submissions open from TODAY to 14 June. All submissions are free-of-charge.

此活動將於2022年8月24日至28日舉行,選出約十二個華語電影計劃,香港計劃將獲優先考慮。入圍電影計劃將競逐劇本咨詢獎項,得獎者同時也會自動入選2023年3月舉辦的第二十一屆香港亞洲電影投資會(HAF)。當計劃拍成電影後,香港國際電影節協會電影業辦公室(HKIFF Industry) 亦可協助規劃參與世界各地的電影節及海外發行。為惠及更多電影人,講座將於入圍名單公布後,以先到先得之形式開放予沒有入圍的電影計劃報名。

The Lab will take place from 24 to 28 August 2022. Up to twelve Chinese-language projects will be selected. Priority will be given to Hong Kong projects. Script Services Awards will be given out. Winners will also be granted with an automatic entry to the 21st HAF in March next year.

When the project is finished, the HKIFF Industry can also provide assistance in festival strategy planning and international sales. To benefit more filmmakers, the training sessions will be opened to applicants who are not selected in the final round on a first-come first-served basis.

Details of the programme schedule and information of the film professionals will be announced soon.
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